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I was honored to be asked to speak at the fall 2011 TNA Convention. I spoke on The Future of Nursing Report: What It Means To The APRN. I was also asked to write an article for the Tennessee Nurse. Here is the finished product. Nurses, these are the marching orders for our profession!

I just thought I would share the article.  


Advanced Practice Nurses – I am often asked  “how can I become more involved as a Nurse Practitioner”. Here is how I answer that question.

Ways to Get Involved in the Nurse Practitioner Profession:

1) Join Your State Association: You state association is working on a state level, with your best interest in mind. Did you know that the national association, like AANP cannot work to change our current state statutes that dictate our practice? While national organizations are very supportive, we must do the work on a state level. Joining the state nursing or nurse practitioner organization can help make the change needed.

2) Join your local association: If one does not exist, start one! You can contact your state association for information about practitioners in your local area. Local associations, like Greater Memphis Area Advanced Practice Nurses (www.GMAAPN.org) is great way to network, find jobs, find mentors and find out about all of the state legislation that is dictating our practice.

3) Be an Example: Talk to other practitioners in your local area. Keep them abreast of changes to their practice. Also, it is imperative that you clear up misconceptions, and educate your peers and students coming through local school.

It is imperative that you act, NOW! Make this your New Year’s Resolution. I would be happy to communicate with you, if you have questions or ideas. Please take a moment and leave a comment or email me!

Happy New Year, I am looking forward to a GREAT 2012 as a Nurse Practitioner!!!!!

Do you have suggestions or topics for me to blog about in the coming year? Please let me know!!