Speaking Opportunities

The NP Mom Speaks!

Brett is available to speak on a variety of subjects, ranging from Pediatrics to Geriatrics, entrepreneurial and marketing/media strategies for women’s groups,church groups, nurses, healthcare providers, and advanced practice clinicians.She can speak from the basic to the advanced level of learning, and adapts her presentations according to her audience. Her experience includes keynote addresses, lectures, workshops, and general sessions. Contact Brett for speaking invitations – snodgrassnp@aol.com . Workshops/seminars in your area can be coordinated with Brett’s clinical practice and speaking schedule.

Lecture Topics:

1) Becoming The NP Mom

2) Using Social Media to Advance Your Practice

3) Pain in Different Populations

4) Pain Management Updates

5) Safeguarding Your Practice From Drug Seeking Behavior

6) Depression – Different treatment modalities

7) Anxiety

8) Living a Balanced Life In An Absolutely Unbalanced World

9) Legislation regarding APRNs

10) Current Legislation on Pain Prescribing

11) Anemia

12) Fatigue

13) Hyperlipidemia: A Natural Alternative

14) Hypertension

15) Diabetes Mellitus: What Now?

16) Post-Herpetic Neuralgia

17) Bipolar Disorder

18) Managing Pain in Primary Care

19) Alternatives To Pain Medication for Patients in Pain

20) Hair Loss: It’s a Hairy Situation

21) Menopause With Grace

22) Acne: Latest Treatments

23) Palliative Care in Primary Care

24) End of Life Issues

25) Vaccinations: To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate That Is The Question

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