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The above letter was featured on the Today Show, from a mom in Fargo, North Dakota.  Her plan is to assess each trick or treater that comes to her door.  If in her opinion the child appears overweight or obese, this mom plans to forgo giving the child candy and instead present them with this letter.  The letter lets the child’s parents know she feels they are overweight or obese, and basically are neglecting their child due to this one fact.  While I find her actions ludicrous, I also have a few questions for her:

Do you plan to interview each child at your door, regarding their weight?  Are you one to adequately assess and basically diagnose a child as overweight or obese?  What about a child who might be undergoing chemotherapy or radiation for cancer – not all of these children lose their hair, but who might appear overweight or obese from these treatments?  Can you pick those children out?  What about the child who has to take high dose steroids for pulmonary or gastrointestinal reasons, and the results of those medications are the reason the child is at present overweight or obese?  You will be able to pick these children out, right?  Or maybe the child with a thyroid condition or thyroid cancer?  I am certain you will know who these children are.

I am appalled that a mother would ever think a degrading letter to a child is the right action for any purpose, or that singling a child out in a group is the right move. 

No doubt obesity is rampant in the United States, but this will have no impact – other than putting you ma’am in danger when a father or mother sees how you have treated their child.  How about better education, and changes in programs on obesity and welfare programs teaching better health habits. Shame on you!!