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I once believed and recommended just any multivitamin. What I knew, was that our foods do not have the same amount of nutrients that they once did and we simply don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables to get the recommended daily requirements for proper health and nutrition. So, that’s what I knew! I begin researching multivitamins, as well as health supplements as I saw a need to focus more on disease prevention and health promotion.

The first step to adopting a healthy life was to make sure you were getting proper nutrition. I quickly discovered there was a multitude of multivitamins, so what was the difference in them. I will show you what changed my thinking that all vitamins are not created equal:


It is evident that if the vitamins do not dissolve in your stomach, then they are simply not absorbed. Vitamins that are not absorbed are USELESS!

So, now I knew what to look for in a good multivitamin. I continued to research the Shaklee company and other multivitamin manufacturers. If I am going to pay for a vitamin then I wanted the best. Here is the article I read, that made me choose the Shaklee brand:


In this review and others like it, Shaklee ranked in the top 5% of all vitamins. I was sold. I absolutely feel great taking these vitamins, knowing I am getting the best supplement for the money.

Copy and paste this link to find what vitamin regimen is right for you: theNPMom.myshaklee.com

I recommend Shaklee multivitamins for health promotion and disease prevention. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about vitamin supplementation. You can reach me at TheNPMom@gmail.com. I would be happy to provide a FREE one-on-one consultation to help you discover what multivitamin regimen is right for you.

Here is what is the best:  Shaklee is one of the only companies I have researched with a 100% money back guarantee – if after 1 month of using their products you do not feel great – they will give you 100% of your money back.  So, you are out nothing – Start your journey toward good health today!