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If you live in the state of TN and have a Nurse Practitioner as a Health Care Provider – Did you know that there is a possibility you will lose access to your Health Care Provider?

It is true that there is a battle raging in the Tennessee State Legislator.  Tennessee Medical Association is concerned that Advanced Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are going to take away their patients.  State Legislators are torn, as they are being told (in many cases) that Nurse Practitioners are not providing the best care – when in actuality studies are showing just the opposite.

Consider this:

  • 26 States in the US allow Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to practice without physician supervision
  • NPs have a graduate degree with advanced clinical training and have met rigorous national certification requirements
  • Over 50 studies found the quality of care provided by NPs is superior to or as high as that of physicians.
  •   NPs are filling health care gaps, as physicians rapidly leave rural areas
  • The 2010 Institute of Medicine research report, The Future of Nursing, calls for, as part of the solution to the national health care crisis, removing scope of practice barriers so that all nurses can work to the full extent of their education and skills

Now Consider This:

  • In TN, NPs must have a supervising physician, only 3 states including TN REQUIRE physician supervision
  • Tennessee Medical Association and some TN State Legislators are attempting to pass legislation to increase physician oversight
  •  Increased physician oversight, will increase costs for the NP and YOU. It will ultimately force many NPs out of business, thus reducing your access to care.
  • TN Nurses Association is working diligently on your behalf, to increase your access to health care
  • Nurse Practitioners, in the state of TN, do not need physician oversight.  We need to be able to practice to the full extent of our education to provide YOU the consumer with high quality, comprehensive health care in the coming years.

Now this is where you as a TN resident come in:

I am asking that you take this opportunity to talk to your state legislators.  Please tell them your experience with your Nurse Practitioner.  State Legislators will listen to you, their constituent.  Click on the link below to find out who your State Representative and Senators are.  Take a moment and contact them today on our behalf.