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 Eat Good Food!! – While this can be easier said, than done — It WORKS!!   Increase your fresh fruits and vegetables.  I challenge you to remove white, processed items from your diet (I guarantee you will lose weight).  Eat more whole grain, make sure your breads say 100% whole grain.  I recommend when first starting this life style change, to simply cut out all breads for about 3-4 weeks, then slowly add whole grains back in.  Many people have gluten allergies, and it will take this time to see how you feel once you remove all gluten completely.  By the way, you will be surprised at the decrease in your belly fat.  This fat can actually be inflammation from your bodies reaction to these processed foods.  Your body simply does not know how to efficiently process, processed foods.  These are foreign to your body.  Your body can easily process fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats, chicken and fish.  These are the foods God made for us to eat, therefore our bodies know how to cleanly and easily break them down and use them for energy.  I liken white (white breads, cereals, pasta, and rice) and all processed (from a box) to putting diesel in your cars gas tank that is supposed to take unleaded.  I challenge you to change your diet in one month.  You will feel so much better, that you won’t want to go back to your old eating habits.

If I were to endorse a “diet”, which I hate that word by the way.  I recommend Weight Watchers to my patients, especially men that are just starting to attempt weight loss.  Weight Watchers allows you to eat regular food, and simply count points. It is still the same idea – less calories in (food) and more calories out (exercise).

Now, I feel I need a disclaimer here.  I am not perfect!!  Writing these blogs is like pointing a finger at myself.  It is still a journey.  I recommend if you “fall off the wagon” of health eating”, just get back on.  It is never too late to start a healthy habit.

If you are looking for nutritious, healthy meal planning, check out – Jaimie’s Blog http://likeabubblingbrook.com/recipes/.  She has fabulous whole food recipes, and a great Power Muffin recipe that my family loves.  Do you have a tip or a great weight loss story?  Please leave me a comment or email me.  I would love to hear from you!