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Drink Water!! – So, my top healthy habit has to be hydration and water.  Water is good for you, calorie free, and free (unless you drink bottled water).  How much do you need?  Any easy rule of thumb is to take your weight in pounds, and divide it in half.  So, if you weigh 120lbs (by the way, I don’t) you need to drink 60 oz of water a day.  Now I will tell you am not an absolute Water Natzi.  Yes, water should be your main source of hydration.  But fluid intake of juices and teas, are fluid none the less so count that in your daily requirements.  I don’t count soft drinks as fluid, sorry.  Nothing good can come from soft drinks.  Did you know, that cutting out calorie soda from you diet will help you lose weight.   So, that can easily equal 1 pound a month, or 12 pounds a year.  So, drink more water!!

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