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As a nurse practitioner, people visit me in my office for many different medical needs and concerns.  They bring their children, come for themselves, bring their parents, refer their friends.  You get the idea.  I am still in awe that there are people who care what I think. But, they do!  So I continue day to day to take care of my patients to the best of my abilities.   I am blessed to have a great career, wonderful office staff that keeps me straight, and great physician to work alongside. I have an awesome husband that has allowed me to follow my dreams, while keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground; and two sweet girls that help me to laugh and learn something new everday!

As a mother and a nurse practitioner, I am stopped many times through out my day and often asked the same questions from mothers, and fathers alike.  So, what a great place to ramble and ponder some of these subjects that I am asked. There are other subjects that I think need to be discussed, and now I have a forum to do just that.  While I am confident in what I have to say, I am aware that some will not agree with what I have to say.  To this I say, you have every right to read or not read this blog and by all means you have every right to agree or disagree with me.  This blog does not take the place of your health care providers opinions or the visits to their office. So, please know this blog is to provide some useful information, entertainment and just a place for me to ponder my thoughts.

I remember sitting on the other side of the exam table.  I would think of so many questions, then forget my own name when the healthcare provider was in the room.  I want to fix that.  So, I would love to hear subjects that you would like to see discussed. I want to answer those questions you always forget to ask!
I hope and pray you will read my ponderings.  Please feel free to comment and please feel free to pass this link on to other moms, friends, relatives, or anyone else that might enjoy reading.